Challenges Continue to Intensify for IROs

For decades, Investor Relations professionals have had to deal with inefficiencies during the most critical points in their work, been challenged to react quickly to shareholder changes, and often lacked the anticipatory insight needed to prevent negative shifts in their shareholder base before they occur.

Additionally, IROs can no longer rely exclusively on sell-side investment banks as the only source of inbound investor leads, leaving corporate issuers with the added responsibility of identifying and connecting directly with buy-side opportunities in an increasingly accelerated capital markets cycle.

These obstacles have resulted in a host of challenges for IROs. Leading to factors represented in graphic below.

Inability to Target the Right Person
Undervalued Stock
Poor Valuation Relative to Peers
Perception of Low Strategic IR Value

The Right Investors, at the Right Time, with the Right Information.

Thriving at the Heart of Capital Markets Evolution

More than ever before, your ability to drive success in the core elements of your IR program relies on the collection, synthesis, and analysis of data derived from digital engagement. From managing your company’s valuation, monitoring stock performance, anticipating shareholder activity and sentiment, to garnering outbound leads, managing inbound leads, and competitive messaging, it’s imperative to leverage all the digital communication and analytics tools available as our industry continues to transform.

Yet, substantial gain in this area can be challenging. With our deep history and focus on IRO enablement, Q4 has built the tools necessary to overcome these hurdles. Purpose-built for corporate issuers, the IR Success Program includes IR websites, digital event hosting, online engagement analytics, and CRM. Along with access to analyses by an experienced team of IR professionals, IRSP harnesses the power of digital touches with your brand, event data, CRM information, and market data to unlock the keys to proactively tailor your IR strategy and activity to drive success.

Elevate Your IR Program with Engagement Analytics

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